The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen As it appears on The Accidental Reader: Sarah Dessen Book Review

The book for me was a piece of art. Although I am not familiar with Dessen's novels I have to say that she did a great job when it comes to character development and realism. All the characters have human traits and no one is perfect there is so much diversity that I believe anyone can relate himself to one. Not lot of authors have the ability to do that.
There is the girl that cares about all, the b*** who is also sentimental deep down, the overly attached - overly worrying mother and of course the awesome but douche boyfriend and the cool friends and sister. I found all the characters funny and clever (except a certain person who in the end turned 160 around) thus the book has a good sense of humor and i like funny books.
What I didn't really like was the story. I saw the whole book but I continued reading because I went through a same phase when i was leaving for college a couple of years ago. I liked that Dessen showed how a departure of one person can change not only his life but others too. How everyone is start seeing this person and how they try to figure out how to treat him. As an adult or as a child? Through my experience this is the worst thing that can happen to a parent - the kid wants freedom the parent refuses to see that due to fear of what might change.
The writing was really really good and I felt like i was walking around Colby and i liked that a lot!!!
I am sure the book will appeal to anyone that is ready to leave for college and also likes summer readings.
Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan As it appears on The Reader: Two Boys Kissing Book Review

I finally finished the book after a hectic week and i dont know how to rate this book.

The book starts with a gay prom and how it got organised. We get to ''meet'' the main characters of the book that soon we will follow through their battle with anguish, inner demons etc.

I loved the fact that all the characters are being connected in the book through on event: The Big Gay Kiss (thats how i call it). Two boys decide to break the world record of the longest kiss by kissing for 32+ something hours in the front lawn of their school. And thats when everything start.

The gay couples around the book deal with their demons. Some of them try to make their families acknowledge the fact that their gay, others avoid their families after being discovered and some of them battle with the social life that surrounds them. What they have is common is that each one of them finds refuge in the end.

What i found weird in this book is the narration. Some dead boys narrate the whole story referring to their selves as we which is kinda pathetic in the beginning but you will get used to it as i did. I liked the way Levithan chooses his words and tries to pass a message through this book: You are not the first one going through this, others been there too and there is always help even if you cant see it.

Also, i felt a little detached from the main characters probably because of the narration and if there was one thing that i would change in this book that would be it.

Definetely a good gay book that i would recommend.
Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo As it appears on The Reader: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bargudo book review

Some of you will probably condemn me for not finishing this book. I can't make a full review because didn't read the whole thing but i have to say that it is well written but not my style. At all. I couldn't even push myself to page fifty for that matter.

It will appeal to all of the fantasy readers out there and i really hope you will enjoy it more than i did.

I won't promise anything but i will try to come back to this book somewhere in the future.
It's So Easy: And Other Lies - Duff McKagan As see on The Reader: It's So Easy and Other Lies by Duff McKagan book review

I don't know what to say about this book or the author. Duff Fucking McKagan has been a huge inspiration to me since my early teens. Guns N' Roses is my favorite rock band and i love all the members but a little more Duff. I always knew that rock has to do with drugs but that was something else. To be honest i never read anything like that in my entire life. Neon Angel by Cherrie Currie is not even close to the things described in this book.

When i started the book i didn't know what to expect, i just wanted to read about Guns N Roses and the life they led before they become famous and its true that Duff did a great job with describing his early childhood/teen years and how everything shaped around the name of GNR. I was surprised from a lot of things and i needed more and more and more. I loved the way he wrote.

As the book progressed we could see how deep in addiction Duff and his bandmates fell and how fame and money eventually changed everything. How the band mates got estranged from each other and how a certain member suffered from megalomania which resulted in the band to eventually split in 1997. Although the book answered a lot of questions it created new ones and at some points i found myself screaming Why????

I would loved to have read a little more descriptive situations and especially about the fallout between Axl and Slash. For obvious reasons there is no sex scene descriptions in the whole book (im sure no rock star would want their daughters read about their fathers um....experiences (?)).

I was amazed on how Duff got out of the cocaine-alcohol addiction pit and did his best to recover and how to this day he is still suffering from his past. Although i think Duff doesnt realize it he got out from one addiction with another - exercising and i think although this is kind of healthy it can also destroy you if you are not careful.

The book also focuses on the musical career of Duff before and after GNR and the differences that he saw. How people accepted him back then and how they accept him now - everything is easy when you are a legend.

Duff did a great job with a book and i would totally recommend it to any GNR fan out there and not only.
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - April Genevieve Tucholke The following reviews is available at The Reader: Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea Review

Initially i would read this book in was on my reading list...was...exactly. I read this book within hours and i need more...more...more...more...
This book is the reason i want to wait for all the books of the series to be released so i can marathon those shit. It was that great.

It starts with Violet thinking back at her grandmother talking about the devil and how nostalgia tortures her. Throughout the novel Violet (and the author) make sure that we get that she had a great friendship with her now dead grandmother. As the plot progresses Violet comes face to face with a boy that is both mysterious and dangerous,,,she finds herself doing and feeling things she never did before and that makes the reader want more due to the amazing vocabulary the author chose.

The characters:
Violet although eccentric in her own nerdy way is also sweet and loving and caring and a snob. In other words not the perfect protagonist we all have accustomed to and that makes this book original. I loved loved the way she annoyed me with her stupidity at some parts of the book.

River is my new favorite protagonist. He didn't make it through the top 5 but definetely in the top 10. He is so mysterious and sexy and no matter his lies he still wins the reader. That means something right? I liked the way she annoyed Violet and how he evaded her questions all the time.

Luke and Sunshine are the same dull and crazy for sex people for me. They are the classic teens. Sunshine with her overconfidence and Luke the guy who pretends to be tough but he is softer than a blanket. I really liked that those two hook up a lot through the book cuz they are alike (a lot). I loved the subtle role of Luke as the old brother towards Violet but i hated the way she treated him.

The Grandmother: Well i am so sure that she will play a huge role in the following books. I wont spoil it for you but she also plays a role in this book too...she was one naughty belle when she was young.

The author did a good job developing the characters...making none of them perfect and i think that contributed in making the reader see them more human and relate himself with them. Big applause for that please.

The Plot:
I have to say that at some points i guessed a few things and i was right but i didn't expect the ending to be such a big surprise to me. That made the book a whole lotta better and a little more original.
The author did a great job with the descriptions and the words making the reader feel like sitting next to Violet and River. I could smell the rain while reading certain parts and thats not happening with a lot of books.

Overall this is one of my favorite books so far and i cant wait for the next ones to be released. I totally recommend it.
Towering - Alex Flinn The review will also be available at : The Reader: Towering book review

I finally finished reading Towering's not that good. I thought that Flinn created a nice retelling of a classic story that every kid heard before going to bed but i was wrong. This book is nothing like's inferior to it.

Let's start with the characters:
To be honest although i am a die hard for romance novels i hate insta-love. I want the characters to make each other suffer a little before confessing to each other, i want to feel this agony, this craziness that makes me turn pages like crazy in order to finally read the part where they get together and i didn;t experience that in this book...not at all. When Wyatt met Rachel it was boring and lacked the sparkle. The author wanted us to feel the same thing as Wyatt and Rachel but her attempt fell flat. And no it's not the fact that i have read so many books that i find nothing fascinating anymore, because with Easy by Tamara Webber i was shivering with every scene i read.
Their relationship seems superficial and the only part that gives you a slight glimpse of their actual connection comes for a couple pages and then fades away in the author's rush to finish the book.

The Plot:
It was pretty good for a fairy tale retelling...modernly. I didn;t see the twist coming and to be completely truthful with you i didn't even had the slightest suspicion of what would happen.That was great of her.
Now what put me completely off was the ending. Although Flinn made a great job with keeping you reading ,choosing carefully her words did a terrible mistake (unforgivable) with the ending.

The Ending:
I found the last few chapters of the book completely stupid. It dind;t make any sense and i felt like the author wanted to get the book out of the way as fast as she could. It was rushed and not well written and i really wanted to give up on the last 20 pages. Why would you write a whole book and just change your attitude towards the end???? It was disappointing.

I don't know if i would like to spend my time reading this book on reading something else but i now know that i wont be reading any other books of Flinn unless something really good comes up. Although it kept me reading i would prefer it if it was a written a little more careful.
A Trick of the Light - Lois Metzger I picked up this book from the new releases section at the local public library. Actually I didn't even look at the cover of the book or the title. Sometimes i like that..not to know what im gonna read.
So the books starts with Mikes subconscious describing a scene with Mike and his friend Tamio. Initially i thought that someone else was looking at Mike I had no idea that Mike;s self narrated the whole book and it took me some pages to understand it.

A Trick of The Light is a really really weird read. Last year i went through some excruciating dieting myself, taking out valuable food and eating only greens - which resulted in a life that maintaining control and never exceed the 1200 calories that i had set myself as a daily nutrition intake. Sometimes i had to go to the bathroom and throw up due to remorse that i ate 200 more calories. Does it sound crazy? Exactly that's what i saw in this book - MYSELF EXACTLY A YEAR AGO.

As we follow Mike through the book through his mind;s eyes we see a totally healthy boy going through their parents broken relationship and eventually divorce. He finds himself alone and completely neglected by his family. To his weakest point his mind makes him believe that everyone around his is the enemy. No one want good things to happen to Mike and that starts when Mike sees himself in a weird mirror that he is fat and later a comment that comes from his coach make Mike a completely different person. He is starting to work out and cut back on his nutrition intake. His only friend seems to be a girl called Amber that plays a huge role over Mikes downfall.

As the books moves on we see the aspects of anorexia and what can happen to people. How they change completely (body and mind) and how they see their surroundings. I never thought that this book will show the hidden aspect of anorexia and that it can affect boys too. The author did a really good job describing Mike and his thoughts and inner demons but also i loved that she payed attention to the fact that you can be helped and recover. She highlights the rehab centers and the actions that they take but also throws a message towards bad parenting and how a parent improves with methods after his child suffers an illness implying that parents should always be responsible and caring with the children.

She finishes a book with a great paragraph and i have to say that i will read this book sometime soon.
Out from Under You - Sophie Swift I know that this a new book (actually it was released on August 13th...2 days ago) and there are not many reviews yet on how great this little book is.
First of all i dont believe in buying e-books ...i prefer to put those money on actual book purchases and download ebooks for free...but i made a little exception here. I bought this on smashwords website for just 2.99 and i have to say that this book deserves a lot more.
The author did a pretty good job with the plot the characters the description and above all the words and sentences she used. I was amazed. I hardly ever see that in a book.

The Characters:
Lia is just like me with one little exception i took control of my life when i should have not after.
I loved her character and her train of thought. she is considerate, loving, an artist and caring person. She is about all consenquences before doing something except when it comes to Grayson Walker.And i have to say that i would do the same if i were her. She fights her inner demons but in the end she just says fuck it and plunges into the abyss.

Grayson is one of the most sexy characters i have ever read. Yup here goes he even made the top 10 on my list. Grayson is more like a caged animal. he has inner power that he doesnt know he has. As i said he is caged by a stupid female called Alex. When Grayson meets Alex's sister everything changes in a second, he feels like he awakened from a coma and i know it sounds cliche but what happened with Lia is 100% pure mind fuck. i was tearing the pages apart while reading this book. (actually i was taping the touch screen like crazy). I wont spoil anything to you but i have to say that i will never see a kitchen the same way ever again.

Alex on the other side is Lia;s sister and Graysons fiance. Yup i know you smell the love triangle and you gonna love it. As you can figure out (those who read a lot of similar books) she is the villain of the book and also the cheated one. But she asked for it. It;s true. She is one of those girls that keep pushing people to do things they dont wanna do and also talks instead of them and act like the world only revolves around her. Yup this is Alex. Nice to Meet you My name is Bitch. Welcome to the world that only has to do with me and only me. You hate her already i know. i did too.

The Scenes,,,Language,,,Steaminess,,,,

So Grayson characters is a COMBINATION of Patch (From Hush Hush without the wings of course) and Mark Sloan (McSteamy) EXACTLY NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT.
This books is not for kids. i wouldnt recommend it to any hormone unstable teenager due to the awesome sex scenes and strong language. The only thing that i will tell you is: You gonna love it.
The author did a great job with the selection of words and i bet her imagination went wild while writing these things. I am sure from the author description in the back of the book that these were her experiences but with a little twist in them for anonimity reasons.

Whatever you do dont miss out that book. is a must for all the romance junkies out there.
Hare Moon (The Forest of Hands and Teeth 0.5) - Carrie Ryan What is wrong with Ryan and uncompleted love. why does she like making her readers hate her and what does she like to torture her characters.
this one was a great love story...short but still better than book three. i read this within 20 minutes and i was like wow.
i wish it was an actual book.
The Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan To be honest i am a little disappointed with the series.
When i started the fist book in 2010 i was amazed on how different it was from other books of it genre. Ryan made me shiver with fear while reading it and i still remember and carry the urge to read it again.
The second book ,of course,as usually happens didnt meet my expectations. A lot of things were similar with the first one and gave me the feeling that Ryan didnt really try her best.
And here we come to the last installation of the Forest of Hands and Teeth Trilogy..the dark and hollow places was similar to the first to book as to finding love and losing lose..the only difference here is that everyone lives happily ever after and blindly in love. The book had some scary parts but apart from that it wasnt something great.
I found some points extremely stupid and crazy...i was pulling my hair in utter desperation. Although i liked Annah a lot i found a lot of similarities with her sister Gabry (a.k.a. Abigail) although those two grew up separately and lot different with one of them having no memory of her past. So i came to question those similarities as telepathy cuz i didnt find any other explanation. there is no way that two people to be almost the same when they grow up completely differently. Ryan wanted to show that family remains family and those traits that you get to adopt in your first years of living stay with you forever..wrong Ryan wrong.
Anyway i would suggest you read only the first two books of the trilogy if not only the first one.
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green okay let me get this straight. this is the best novel I have ever read.period. I have never ever experienced feelings of happyness and sadness at such excess. ever.
while reading this book I felt myself laughing at the amazing humor and at the same time feeling depressed. it wasn't an emotional was a rollercoaster with two speeds. happy and sad and that was pretty much it.
I suddenly found myself sobbing tp the point my husband woke up aksing me what was wrong and to the point I mumbled don't you ever die on me while tryig tp catch my breath. cried while reading a book before? never happened and I think it wobt ever happen again.
the whole theme of the book had to do eith cancer and how people find a way to love and to forgive and apprieciate life and family and friends. how through a disease a person can change so much and how love can be found...and lost. the book also concentrates on the side characters that alsp play an important role in the book and to the main characters. enough with the analyzation just go read the book and get your minds blown away.
I fucking totally recommend this aeesome book.
A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb I have to say that I dropped the book. the thing is that I made it to page 100 but eith great difficulty because I couldn't put myself in the story. I didn't have time to feel thr characters..the author just brings romance on page 15. seriously? anyway two stars.
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire so i finally finished Jamies McGuire's beautiful disaster and i enjoyed it...a lot. some of you will probably hate me...due to some reviews i was reluctant reading but guys its just a book.

The writing was really cool and that made me turn the pages like crazy with anticipation on whats coming next. through the dialogues i fell in love with the characters and their pain, love, happiness. in other words there were perfectly developed.

what i didnt like at all was Travis. The boyfriend that is willing to change so quickly and become obsessed with the girlfriends like a dog that follows you everywhere humping your dog at any chance he gets. Exactly discusting and disturbing.
his relationship with Abby is no different. they dont really talk about their problems and they prefer dealing with them by dumping each other and having sex. seriously? i have to say that Edwards and Bellas relationship was a lot more deep and with meaning...sans the sex.

Apart from that little thing there the book was very very good and i would totally recommend it to you.
Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire i didnt read the whole book...just parts that i wanted to see what Travis thought when he did something in the first book.
you wont find a lot of new things in this books just the pov of travis which i have to say made him look like gay at some points.

other than that enjoy it
All You Desire - Kirsten Miller i was really considerate with the rating but finally i decided on a four star one.

what i like in the book is that the author does a pretty good job with dropping small clues all over the book...small details that a reader cant notice and then suddenly boom!! that little minor detail 50 pages back plays a huge role in the development of the story. Amazing.

The plot on the second book was a lot better than it was in the first one. In my opinion it was a lot more complex and i found myself turning the pages like crazy. I felt sorry for Adam and i really liked him in this book... i found myself wishing that Haven end up with him.

What i didnt like is how Haven can be easily panipulated and turn against her own beliefs. i mean its so frustrating and crazy. i would like her to be a little more dynamic and have some f*** feminism.
Ian this time is totally stupid. he was supposed to be dead but he kept going around NYC like everythings ok. come on. everyone would be able to recognize him even with the stupid hat he was wearing...he was famous for gods sake.

i liked the ending more i thought i would and i really look forward for a book 3 that i dont think it will be published anytime soon.
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks i am dissapointed with this book. i dropped it. i thought it would be a zombie survival book but it ended up being a interview.

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