The Fault in Our Stars - John Green okay let me get this straight. this is the best novel I have ever read.period. I have never ever experienced feelings of happyness and sadness at such excess. ever.
while reading this book I felt myself laughing at the amazing humor and at the same time feeling depressed. it wasn't an emotional was a rollercoaster with two speeds. happy and sad and that was pretty much it.
I suddenly found myself sobbing tp the point my husband woke up aksing me what was wrong and to the point I mumbled don't you ever die on me while tryig tp catch my breath. cried while reading a book before? never happened and I think it wobt ever happen again.
the whole theme of the book had to do eith cancer and how people find a way to love and to forgive and apprieciate life and family and friends. how through a disease a person can change so much and how love can be found...and lost. the book also concentrates on the side characters that alsp play an important role in the book and to the main characters. enough with the analyzation just go read the book and get your minds blown away.
I fucking totally recommend this aeesome book.