Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire so i finally finished Jamies McGuire's beautiful disaster and i enjoyed it...a lot. some of you will probably hate me...due to some reviews i was reluctant reading but guys its just a book.

The writing was really cool and that made me turn the pages like crazy with anticipation on whats coming next. through the dialogues i fell in love with the characters and their pain, love, happiness. in other words there were perfectly developed.

what i didnt like at all was Travis. The boyfriend that is willing to change so quickly and become obsessed with the girlfriends like a dog that follows you everywhere humping your dog at any chance he gets. Exactly discusting and disturbing.
his relationship with Abby is no different. they dont really talk about their problems and they prefer dealing with them by dumping each other and having sex. seriously? i have to say that Edwards and Bellas relationship was a lot more deep and with meaning...sans the sex.

Apart from that little thing there the book was very very good and i would totally recommend it to you.