All You Desire - Kirsten Miller i was really considerate with the rating but finally i decided on a four star one.

what i like in the book is that the author does a pretty good job with dropping small clues all over the book...small details that a reader cant notice and then suddenly boom!! that little minor detail 50 pages back plays a huge role in the development of the story. Amazing.

The plot on the second book was a lot better than it was in the first one. In my opinion it was a lot more complex and i found myself turning the pages like crazy. I felt sorry for Adam and i really liked him in this book... i found myself wishing that Haven end up with him.

What i didnt like is how Haven can be easily panipulated and turn against her own beliefs. i mean its so frustrating and crazy. i would like her to be a little more dynamic and have some f*** feminism.
Ian this time is totally stupid. he was supposed to be dead but he kept going around NYC like everythings ok. come on. everyone would be able to recognize him even with the stupid hat he was wearing...he was famous for gods sake.

i liked the ending more i thought i would and i really look forward for a book 3 that i dont think it will be published anytime soon.