Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman Seriously i thought i would die reading this book. i thought that it would never ever went on forever.
ok so on this particular case the movie was way better than the actual book. The book in other words sucked. maybe i should have read the book first and then watched the movie but when you grow up with this movie and you live in a country where the book is not available what do you expect.

the book was awful. the writer had a way of telling things which in a way was both calming and nerve wrecking...while i was reading some peaceful paragraph the word f*** and p**** would suddenly appear making me think wtf?

i think that the book didnt have a plot. i felt like the writer just grabbed a piece of paper and started writing without a plan or something in her mind. people say that the book is all about witchcraft but i didnt see any actual witchcraft...the movie held that part a lot better.

i would not recommend this book to you...i would recommend the movie instead. so go and watch the movie