The Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan To be honest i am a little disappointed with the series.
When i started the fist book in 2010 i was amazed on how different it was from other books of it genre. Ryan made me shiver with fear while reading it and i still remember and carry the urge to read it again.
The second book ,of course,as usually happens didnt meet my expectations. A lot of things were similar with the first one and gave me the feeling that Ryan didnt really try her best.
And here we come to the last installation of the Forest of Hands and Teeth Trilogy..the dark and hollow places was similar to the first to book as to finding love and losing lose..the only difference here is that everyone lives happily ever after and blindly in love. The book had some scary parts but apart from that it wasnt something great.
I found some points extremely stupid and crazy...i was pulling my hair in utter desperation. Although i liked Annah a lot i found a lot of similarities with her sister Gabry (a.k.a. Abigail) although those two grew up separately and lot different with one of them having no memory of her past. So i came to question those similarities as telepathy cuz i didnt find any other explanation. there is no way that two people to be almost the same when they grow up completely differently. Ryan wanted to show that family remains family and those traits that you get to adopt in your first years of living stay with you forever..wrong Ryan wrong.
Anyway i would suggest you read only the first two books of the trilogy if not only the first one.