Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone I would never read this book if my librarian didn't recommend it...you see i am a regular at the public library and everyone knows who i am...kind weird...anyway she recommended this amazing , beautiful , great book and i am so glad that i read it.

First of all the plot:
well designed and at the right pace...not to slow not to fast just moderate so i could turn the pages like a maniac. The adventure starts around page 90 - 100 and for the next 250 pages you want more and more as the plot reaches its climax.

Secondly the Characters:
one of the best writing i have ever experienced. i loved both of the main characters and the side ones. the nice thing about the author is that with a few words she gives you the big picture of each person and you simply have to follow and love him. you hurt with them you cry with them - amazing.

you see it has the right amount of romance and love and it doesnt overdo itself...in my opinion in the second book we will get to see a lot more romance and i honestly cant wait for it to be released on October 2013!!!

I totally recommend this book.