The Michael Jackson Tapes: A Tragic Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversation - Shmuley Boteach wow i was a little confused with the rating but i finally managed to rate it a huge 3.!!!

so just to make myself clear throughout the book i only read the conversations between mj and the rabbi. i didnt read his comments at all because i would get very mad.

so what i came to realise is that michael was an amazing person. he had deep knowledge of history and religion and you can see that throughout the book. i loved the way he spoke the words he used.

i would just loved to have a conversation with mj. he was such a interesting person and nothing like the person the media presented. at some points in the books its easy to lose track of who is talking.

many of the things that the rabbi and mj discussed had to do with fame, money, childhood, children etc. you can see that mj only wanted to take care of kids and help those in need. he wanted to bring nations together through his songs and he managed that well.

what i didnt like is that the rabbi kept reapeating himself over and over keeping the conversation to children and innocence. that was kind of weird. at some points i read his comments and what he did (mostly) was to apologize for some things michael said. its like mj didnt have an opinion on some matters and that all people should believe the same things...thats what the rabbi did through his comments. why would you discuss with someone when you are not ready to hear and accept their beliefs and opinions.

lastly, it was a big mistake of the rabbit to make a book after michael. i know it was mj's wish but still he sold out his friend.

p.s. through the book he is advertising a lot of his books...