Out from Under You - Sophie Swift I know that this a new book (actually it was released on August 13th...2 days ago) and there are not many reviews yet on how great this little book is.
First of all i dont believe in buying e-books ...i prefer to put those money on actual book purchases and download ebooks for free...but i made a little exception here. I bought this on smashwords website for just 2.99 and i have to say that this book deserves a lot more.
The author did a pretty good job with the plot the characters the description and above all the words and sentences she used. I was amazed. I hardly ever see that in a book.

The Characters:
Lia is just like me with one little exception i took control of my life when i should have not after.
I loved her character and her train of thought. she is considerate, loving, an artist and caring person. She is about all consenquences before doing something except when it comes to Grayson Walker.And i have to say that i would do the same if i were her. She fights her inner demons but in the end she just says fuck it and plunges into the abyss.

Grayson is one of the most sexy characters i have ever read. Yup here goes he even made the top 10 on my list. Grayson is more like a caged animal. he has inner power that he doesnt know he has. As i said he is caged by a stupid female called Alex. When Grayson meets Alex's sister everything changes in a second, he feels like he awakened from a coma and i know it sounds cliche but what happened with Lia is 100% pure mind fuck. i was tearing the pages apart while reading this book. (actually i was taping the touch screen like crazy). I wont spoil anything to you but i have to say that i will never see a kitchen the same way ever again.

Alex on the other side is Lia;s sister and Graysons fiance. Yup i know you smell the love triangle and you gonna love it. As you can figure out (those who read a lot of similar books) she is the villain of the book and also the cheated one. But she asked for it. It;s true. She is one of those girls that keep pushing people to do things they dont wanna do and also talks instead of them and act like the world only revolves around her. Yup this is Alex. Nice to Meet you My name is Bitch. Welcome to the world that only has to do with me and only me. You hate her already i know. i did too.

The Scenes,,,Language,,,Steaminess,,,,

So Grayson characters is a COMBINATION of Patch (From Hush Hush without the wings of course) and Mark Sloan (McSteamy) EXACTLY NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT.
This books is not for kids. i wouldnt recommend it to any hormone unstable teenager due to the awesome sex scenes and strong language. The only thing that i will tell you is: You gonna love it.
The author did a great job with the selection of words and i bet her imagination went wild while writing these things. I am sure from the author description in the back of the book that these were her experiences but with a little twist in them for anonimity reasons.

Whatever you do dont miss out that book. is a must for all the romance junkies out there.